Glanum DNA Forms™

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The magic

DNA Forms™ provides responsive forms capabilities for your web-based applications and allows the creation of customizable and semantic forms using simple HTML5 and CSS3 in a minute. The benefits of using this frameworks are multiple :

  • Create and styling responsive forms in a minute
  • No need to learn a new code syntax
  • Uses HTML5 Semantic Markup and CSS3 features
  • Compatible with Bootstrap 3
  • Lightweight (256Ko only)

Download and license

DNA Forms™ is currently available for use in all personal or commercial projects under an individual copyrighted license.
Get DNA Forms™ by contacting Glanum agency.


The sample page illustrates some attractive exemples of real situation usage.

Markup index : input | textarea | select | div as field | radio and select


The documentation provides getting starting guide and usage informations.